How to View Sessions

**While the conference is now over, you may review all VSC session recordings.**

The conference will be delivered LIVE using Zoom‘s desktop sharing platform, to facilitate an interactive, educational experience. 

Registration to the Visual Storytelling Conference is free. You must download our Visual Storytelling Conference event platform which is available on web browser & mobile to attend live sessions as they occur throughout the day. 

*Use the same email you used to register with to gain access! 

If you did not register, please do so here.

Access to the Event Platform will be available 1 week before the event

Browse via Web Browser

We suggest you access your training sessions via the web browser for optimal experience.

Browse via Mobile

You can connect with attendees, speakers, and sponsors via the mobile app.

Attend via the FMC Event Platform!

1. Have you registered for the event? If not, please register here.
2. After a few minutes, log in to the FMC Platform using the same email address you just used to register on Eventbrite.
3. Set up your password.
4. Customize your profile – We’d love to see your headshot and bio!
5. Start creating your personalized agenda!

Get the full VSC experience!
  • Build your personal agenda
  • Book meetings with sponsors
  • Attend the Virtual Expo
  • Engage with speakers
  • Connect with fellow attendees
  • View session recordings post-event*

*VIP Pass holders will have streaming access to recordings of all sessions for 180 days post-event.

*VIP+ Pass holders will have streaming access to recordings of all sessions for 365 days post-event.

How to Watch a Session

  1. Log in to VSC Event Platform.
  2. Click “Program” on the left-hand menu to view all sessions.
  3. A “Join Live Stream” button will become active 15 minutes before the session starts.

For optimal viewing experience, we recommend that you watch sessions via your web browser.

Note: Access to Zoom sessions are available for both paid and free registrants. If you would like access to session recordings, you must have a VIP Bundle pass. You may upgrade your pass here.


Step 1: Log in to use VSC's Event Platform to Access Your Sessions

We will use the Event Platform in order to stream live sessions & interact throughout the event.

You must log in with the same email used when registering on the Visual Storytelling Conference website.

Step 1 screen

Step 2: Build Your Personal Schedule

View all scheduled sessions within the Program section of the event platform. 

Click on the plus signs to add sessions to Your Agenda.

You may also set up 5, 10, and 15 minute reminders for each session!

Visual Storytelling Conference Program

Step 3: Join The Live Stream

Click on each session to read the description and watch the livestream. 

Each session will have a Join Live Stream link 15 minutes prior to going live. You will be prompted to launch Zoom. 

Visual Storytelling Conference Program Description

Step 4: Interact with our Speakers During the Webinar

Once you are in the Zoom webinar, feel free to chat and ask questions!

The Chat is available for everyone to see, so type in where you’re from, or any technical issues you may have! An FMC representative will be monitoring the chat and will be able to assist you further. 

The Q&A is available for any questions you would like to submit directly to the speaker, on the educational content presented. 

Step 5: Connect with Attendees

Chat with other Visual Storytelling Conference attendees directly within the app within the Attendee section of the platform.

Send a request to Connect to start a conversation.

Visual Storytelling Conference Attendee Wall

Step 6: Learn More About Our Speakers

Want to learn more about our production and post-production experts? 

Browse through the Speaker section of the platform to learn more about their work, businesses, and websites! 

Visual Storytelling Conference Speaker Bios

Step 7: Interact with our Sponsors!

View Sponsor Profiles within the Virtual Expo to learn more about each company. 

Visual Storytelling Conference Virtual Expo

Visual Storytelling Conference FAQ

How do I attend virtually?

To attend the conference, login to VSC’s virtual platform via your web browser. The link will be available on February 24, 2022.

Just log in with the email you registered with! Have you registered via our website? If not, please register here.

How do I win raffle prizes?

Your VIP registration includes automatic entry to raffle prize drawings. Our sponsors have donated thousands of dollars worth of prizes, and you could be a lucky winner. All prize winner announcements will be made during networking activities and Evening Parties.

Are replays / recordings available? / I want to stream the recording of a session I did not attend, is that possible?

Recordings of all sessions are available only for VIP and VIP+ Pass holders!

We know there’s a lot of great training and you may want to watch it again. That’s why we offer recordings of all the classes.

VIP Pass holders will have streaming access to recordings of all sessions for 180 days post-event.

VIP+ Pass holders will have streaming access to recordings of all sessions for 365 days post-event.

How do I access recordings?

You must have either the VIP Pass or VIP+ Pass to access recordings!

Recordings of sessions will be posted within the description of each corresponding session
in the event platform 2-weeks post-event. 

Free registrants only have access to live sessions. Upgrade your pass to gain access to session recordings.

I’m a VIP, when do I get the plugins? / When do I get my serial numbers for software?

If you are a VIP Pass holder, you will receive access to one plug-in of your choice. If you are a VIP+ Pass holder, you will receive access to the full VIP software bundle post-event. We will send out software licenses once the conference concludes.

Can I build my own schedule?

Yes. We encourage you to log in before the event to create your personal schedule. Within the event platform, you can add sessions to your own agenda and set reminders 5, 10, or 15 minutes before the session.

Is there a downloadable PDF of the schedule?

No, we do not have a PDF of the schedule at this moment. Please inquire if you have any questions about the VSC program.

Can I attend on my phone?

You can download the mobile version of the event platform, though we do recommend using the web browser version when attending live sessions!

Mobile users should be able to access the join links by requesting the desktop site.

Please use the following links for solutions!  

Are tickets REALLY free?

Yes, the Visual Storytelling Conference is free to watch live. We know that times are tough for many right now and our amazing speakers and sponsors what to help you out. That’s why all the classes stream for free.

If you’d like to have a library of all the training and some awesome software, be sure to check out VIP and VIP+ pass options. It also helps out the speakers too as the more people who buy, the more the speakers earn. Think of it as educational karma!

How do I watch live sessions?

All live sessions are delivered via Zoom.

Once signed in to the event platform, find the session you want in the Program section. 

Live session links will become available 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

What do I need to attend this conference?

All you need to do is to make sure you’ve registered via the Visual Storytelling Conference website and have received a confirmation email. You will also need a reliable internet connection and browser to participate. Click here to test your internet connection.

The conference is live and presented on an interactive platform. Make sure to login with your registration email here.

What do I do if the instructor is disconnected?

If the instructor is disconnected at any time during the session, please sit tight while they reboot; it should not take long. You will not be disconnected from the session. Moderators and tech support will be available to answer any questions.

What do I do if I get disconnected?

Reboot your system, and once you are reconnected to the Internet again, simply use the URL to gain re-entry to the session.

More Questions?
Email for more help!